Training with weak Gluteus Medius

Training with weak Gluteus Medius Training with weak Gluteus Medius Another reason for low back discomfort or pain is when there is low activation of the Gluteus Medius. This is quite a common situation that can also lead onto hip and even knee pain. Knee pain can be affected due to the chain of movement […]

Why we exercise

We all have our own opinion on why we exercise and the benefits we get from exercise but what is really happening to our bodies and mindset when we choose to frequently exercise.

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Do you pass by water stations in road races or skip water breaks during practice because you are not thirsty? Have you ever felt fatigued, dizzy, or cramps while exercising in hot weather?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, read on to learn how important fluids are for optimal health and performance. If your answers were “no”, read on to make sure you are following fluid recommendations that will optimize your health and performance.

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Training safely: Lightheadedness

TRAINING SAFELY: LIGHTHEADEDNESS LIGHTHEADEDNESS What is lightheadedness? Lightheadedness is when you feel like fainting or about to pass out. Some people call it feeling woozy. Lightheadedness is related to dizziness. Dizziness is, when you feel unsteady or are having trouble keeping your balance. Dizziness during exercise can be caused by a number of factors, including: […]