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meet wayne

founder of absolute

About Wayne

From a young age, fitness has consumed my life. As a skinny kid with the surname ‘Large’, I spent my early years wanting to build muscle. Armed with as many fitness magazines as I could get my hands on, I started to consume as much information as possible. During this time, I began to dream about owning a gym – although I didn’t think it could become a reality.

I haven’t always been in the fitness industry. I qualified as a nurse in 2000, finding my passion in critical care medicine. During this time, I still wanted to work in the fitness industry but didn’t know where to begin. However, following a conversation with my wife five years later, I decided to leave nursing and help people with their health before it became critical.

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Over the years, I have been fortunate to help many others build their fitness business. I have been asked to speak at industry-leading events like BodyPower, helping other business owners build successful businesses means indirectly helping thousands more people work on their health and fitness.

my story

After taking the plunge and quitting my career as a nurse, I got a position at Fitness First in Taunton. I spent the next 18 months experiencing long days and many hours of travelling. However, I soon had 72 clients and had built up a good reputation for delivering results.

Fitness First sadly closed but rather than return to my safe nursing job, I decided to see where I could take Absolute. Working locally, I spent the early days of Absolute travelling to train clients out of the back of my car.

Since then, Absolute has continued to grow and help lots of people be healthier and fitter. I’m so proud of the company it has become, and the people who have worked with us, both coaches and clients. After all, they say if you do what you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.

Started travelling to client's homes with equipment in the back of my car.
Opened our second studio space on The Strand to meet demand we hired our first coaches, and quickly outgrew the space.
Opened our current luxury training facility in Roundswell and grew our team to 10!
Moving into Absolute's first studio space helped us to grow our client base.
We opened our first gym facility being able to offer exclusively private coaching

why train with absolute?

Because at Absolute, your results are final. Clients often come to us because they have tried so many things when they came to us they get the results they want.  We are Absolute.

Early in my own fitness journey, I found I have a deep interest in nutrition. For over 20 years now I have studied nutrition and its effects on health.  

Qualifying as a nutritionist in 2010 I have continued to have a passion for nutrition.

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