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When it comes to creating a career that you love, you need to think about what you enjoy doing and not just what you think you should do. It seems cliche to say “follow your passion” but that’s what the team here at Absolute did and it turned out pretty well for us.

We are a team of personal trainers with over 15 years in the industry. What started from nothing has become a business with fantastic clients, an incredible training facility and a wealth of knowledge that we’re ready to educate you to help you on your personal training journey.

Learning today for a better tomorrow

Absolute Education was created to help you build the life you want. Our courses offer more than a personal training education but help to transform you into a businessperson. As industry leaders, we know exactly what it takes to not only build a gym but maintain your clients. We keep ourselves accountable at an exceptionally high standard but we achieve our goals – this is our aim for you too.

Our aim here at Absolute Education is to build industry leaders. We don’t want to churn out personal trainers who can do the bare minimum required. Our personal trainers are passionate and their love for fitness translates across the services that they offer. People enrolling in our courses are fully equipped to launch their careers with advice on nutrition, education, and training.


The fitness industry at the moment is booming. Thankfully, more people than ever are understanding the importance of the health and fitness industry and are looking for ways to look after their bodies.

Personal training is a great option for those who are straight out of school or university and are wondering what the next steps are thanks to its flexibility. Fit in as many hours as possible if you have a savings goal in mind or fit it around your other commitments – it is one of the few jobs that you can make work to your advantage.

There’s so much more to personal training than working out; you are helping people to change their life! We are passionate about our industry because we know how significant the impact we have on people is. From helping them to shape up and lose weight to overcoming mental obstacles, the effect exercise has on people is immense and the relationships you develop with your clients make the hard days worthwhile.

If we know one thing, it’s how to be in demand. Many personal training programmes mention the average salary of a personal trainer is £27,000 – we don’t create average. Our experience is worth its weight in gold and that’s something online personal training courses don’t offer you. Any hurdles that you may face, we can help. Finding it hard to get clients? Let us look at how you’re currently doing it and offer advice. Don’t want to complete our course just to end up working in a high street chain? We don’t blame you! We’ll help you find the right fit for you.

What are our principles?

Delivering exceptional service and results for over 15 years.

Our online personal training course combines e-learning with one-to-one tutoring to provide you with the best education possible. In-depth course content, an online “learning zone” and a social media community of like-minded learners support you through your qualification. 

Qualifications that work for you

Our courses are tailored to you, meaning that you can work towards your future career when it suits you. With drive and determination, becoming a personal trainer isn’t too far in the future. You can fit the course around your current role or commitments thanks to the flexible, fully online, structure. 

Business education included as standard

We want to help you develop a business. By providing you with both the personal training education as well as the knowledge you need to set yourself up working, our courses offer you the best of both worlds. We don’t compare ourselves to courses that can promise an interview at a high street gym, we want you to be at the top of your field and share the knowledge with you on how to do just that.

Finance options to kick-start your career

We offer a range of finance options to help you kick-start your career with the qualifications you need to succeed easily and affordably. We want our learners to start the new life for themselves that they deserve and we find that finance options allow you to focus on studying, not finances.

Practising personal trainer support

Whilst other courses may offer you a tutor to support your studies, our tutors are working as personal trainers who are at the top of their game. Our tutors will inspire and encourage you throughout and are there to offer advice and assistance with their successful careers. With each tutor currently working in the industry, you know that you have up-to-date information and techniques from someone who shares your passions.

Courses for all levels of learner

We have PT courses that are perfect for you, no matter what point in your journey you are at. Whether you have a bit of educational background or are just an avid gym goer looking to pursue your passions, we have a UK personal training course that will work for you.

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Absolute Training and Nutrition. Unit 8, Lauder Lane, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3TA.

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