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Why one-to-one personal training?


Why one-to-one personal training?

Absolute Training and Nutrition was created with a sole focus of helping people achieve results, whether that be health, fitness, weight loss or building muscle. We help people who have become stuck, deflated and discouraged.  We provide dedicated time for you, time to focus on your needs and wants,  time to lean into us as much as you need and time to focus on achieving your goals.

Clients choose Absolute because they are fed up with failing at diets and fitness programs, find that they are easily regaining the weight or not shifting it in the first place.  The most common reason for failure is accountability.  When you go it alone with a diet or exercise program you have to keep yourself motivated, encourage yourself, limit yourself, push yourself, even when you’ve had enough – and that is really tough! That’s where Absolute come into play to make the difference.

If your self-esteem, body confidence and energy is near zero, and you feel you’ve tried absolutely everything and nothing is working for you, our personal one-on-one coaching service will be your gateway to lasting change.

As a private coaching facility in Barnstaple, North Devon, we believe in delivering impeccable service. We also believe that a great experience begins with people who are there for you, which is why you will never feel like just a member. Here, the relationships you develop extend beyond just you and your coach – we want you to feel as though you’re a part of our family.



The Benefits of Private Personal Training

For those who are starting their fitness journey...     



 We understand that getting started on a fitness journey at any stage of life can be incredibly challenging. Not only does it involve pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, but it means altering your mindset to ensure you get sustainable results that actually make you happy. At Absolute, we don’t focus on the short-term and work with you to build the best version of yourself whilst offering you the education and practices you need to turn your life around for good.

It's not a solo Journey 

It can often feel as though weight loss and personal improvement is a solo journey, but with Absolute, you don’t need to go it alone. Thanks to the nature of our gym, you’ll soon get to know our team of personal trainers who work alongside you to get results. We will be your motivation on the days when you don’t have any. We will sit with you when you feel as though you need support. We will cheer for you when you succeed.

Our individual personal training sessions can help as they are adjusted to your personal needs.

During your initial assessment, you’ll be able to talk about the problems you may be facing and any injuries you may have holding you back, and we’ll factor this into your plan. We won’t ignore them, but rather work with you at your own pace to improve and overcome them. 

At Absolute Training & Nutrition,

our clients are our only focus and achieving you personal goals is what we show up every day to deliver!

For those looking for just a gym, we are probably not what you are looking for.  What we offer is so much more than a gym, because we are results-driven, centred on measurable goals and personal transformations.

Established for over 15 years, we know what it takes to help our clients achieve their goals. We understand that everyone who comes to Absolute are on a personal journey, we want to make sure you get where you are going. You will surprise yourself with what you can achieve at Absolute.

You will find a welcoming smile every time you walk through the door because you will never be just a member to us.  Every member of the team here at Absolute is dedicated to getting to know you and wants to help you succeed.

We are all trained in fitness education and have years of experience, however, we understand what challenges people face when starting out on a significant lifestyle journey.  Together we will help you to see amazing results and develop a newfound level of confidence.

Our PTs are here to support you. We want you to succeed as much as you do, which is why we will check-in with you as often as you need, as well as be reachable to answer any questions you have. Your  journey can be an emotional one, so we’re here to provide you with everything you need to make it as easy for you as possible.


Don’t just take our word for it!  Our clients results speak for themselves!

Our Customers Feedback

Gordon Johnson
Gordon Johnson
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At nearly 70 and never having been in a gym before, I joined Absolute Nutrition about 2 months ago after having been unwell earlier this year. But already the results are clear to see and with Jamie’s guidance, support and tuition I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve been for years. If you want to get fit and improve your quality of life then I would definitely recommend joining Absolute Nutrition.
Dan Hawkins
Dan Hawkins
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Before starting at absolute, I was always worried about what people would look at me and judge me whilst I train, but Ryan my personal trainer, has always made it easy for me and put no pressure on me. now training in absolute I'm the most confident I've ever been, and starting to see results.
Hayley Marie Mutter
Hayley Marie Mutter
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I used to train with absolute years ago and always loved it, just recently in the last few weeks in joined back up and I'm so so happy to be back training with them ... I suffer really bad with anxiety so for me to feel comfortable somewhere is a struggle, but they are very welcoming, friendly and iv never felt more at ease walking into a gym ! I'm so happy I choose to go back with them and I know that I'm gonna smash my goals as they couldn't be anymore supportive if they tried, the trainers are amazing .... im so very happy to be back.


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