Let’s talk about weight loss. It’s not just about numbers on a scale, it’s about reclaiming your health and your happiness. It’s about feeling strong and confident in your own skin and being able to do all the things you love without limitations.

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Nutrition Myths

Nutrition Myths excess protein myth 1.If you eat more than 30 grams of protein at once you can’t use it all. So the saying goes that if you eat more than 30g of protein in one sitting, the excess will be stored as fat or wasted. Research in the past has shown optimal protein synthesis […]

Exercising yet not seeing the results on the scales

Exercising yet not seeing the results on the scales It can be immensely frustrating when you put in consistent effort at the gym, yet the numbers on the scale refuse to budge. Surprisingly, exercise doesn’t always guarantee weight loss. To gain clarity, consider asking yourself the following three questions… Are you consuming more calories without […]