How to perform the Hip Hinge

How to perform the Hip Hinge

How to perform the Hip Hinge

A what now? Yes you heard me right a hip Hinge.

You may of heard this around the gym floor or even by your coach but what actually is it and what is the benefits?

The Hip hinge is an exercise that primary targets the “posterior chain” basically all the muscles in the back but most importantly the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

When we perform a bent over exercise we are putting our lower back at greater forces and further increasing the risk of simple back pain (feelings of tightness and achyness) and chronic nerve pain (shooting pains in the low back, glutes and leg often referred to as sciatic pain).

With greater forces on the spine, incorrect form can put the vertebral discs at higher risks of damage which may lead to an incomplete or complete herniation of the discs.

This useful technique teaches you how to keep the spine at a neutral (another word you hear but not always fully understand) position and rather, teach bending from the hips and not the back to protect the discs, reduce injury and strengthen.

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