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Holistic is a term that is so central to my practice as a holistic massage therapist but what does it mean? And how is that important to you? 

Put very simply, holistic means whole. So when applying this to massage, we look at the whole of you. Body, mind, spirit. The whole lot, and how it all functions together.

How does holistic massage work?

The physical body is a complex community of cells, combining to make tissues, organised as organs, functioning in harmonic systems that allow you to function as an independent organism. And as conscious beings, we also have the mind to consider. How do our thoughts, feelings, experiences and beyond impact our physical body and vice versa. How do physical sensations and experiences impact our sense of mental wellbeing. Holistic therapy looks at how all aspects of you work together, and aims to support you as a whole being, so much more than just a bunch of organs and limbs.

Let’s give you a simple example of how this holistic approach works on the massage table. It begins in consultation. A client comes to see me with a specific injury. It is likely our focus for the session will be that injury. But it will also consider how that injury is affecting other areas of the body. And I will ask how it feels, how it’s impacting their normal life, and how my client is feeling beyond just that specific injury. On the table, we can work with tissues to alleviate pain and discomfort, and we can work with mentally supporting that client to heal from the impact this has on the mind.

So how does this relate to you right now?

New Year so often brings with it a list of refreshed goals, a new page turned that can be energising and motivating for some, and totally overwhelming and miserable for others. Reflecting on the good and bad last year brought and speculating the year to come. This is where we can use that holistic approach on ourselves when looking at the year ahead. 

Consider your physical body, consider your mental state and how they dance together in experiences. Treat each part of your body and existence with the same respect. When reflecting, think about how the things you did impacted you physically and mentally. Do things that you know energise you physically and mentally to work towards your goals for the year, and try new things, noticing the impact they have on your whole self. Use your mindset to support your physical body, and use the strength of your body to keep a healthy mind. 

And of course, take time on the massage table. For you. To be considered and supported as your whole self. Use the external community of support around you to support the internal community of cells and consciousness that make you, YOU.