Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. Life has a bit of a habit of throwing curve balls that knock you off your plan. And when it comes to fat loss, this seems to happen a lot. For example you start your diet, then you realize there is a birthday party and there will be alcohol, cake, non-nutritious foods present, and you think great I just started my diet. So what do you do? Let me tell you what you do. Don’t panic about it. Yes that’s what I said don’t panic about it. Look there is never a good time to start a diet, things will always come up.


Trying to be good, and resisting is great, if you have amazing will power that’s fantastic and you’re also a very lucky person. For most people however they will struggle. The best advice I can give you, no the most realistic advice I can give you is this, when you decide to diet, make a lifestyle change etc., go for a 80/20 rule. This means 80% of the time give the body what it needs, Water, protein, lots of greens, good carbs, fats. Then 20% of the time have what you want (that does not mean a free for all) 80% of awesomeness will result in a positive outcome. So next time the curve ball comes, just think, you know what my body is full of good nutrition, its functioning optimally and I know this because I give it what it needs. You will find that eating a little of what you want, will not feel so bad.