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How many times have you set yourself New Years resolutions only to fall off the bandwagon within the first few days and weeks? Are you finding yourself procrastinating, or making excuses to why you’re not on track?

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves in January to get stuck into new routines, intentions of improving self care, motivated to get fit and make this the best year yet.

And that pressure alone can often be enough to set in feelings of failure. 


New Year so often brings with it a list of refreshed goals, a new page turned that can be energising and motivating for some, and totally overwhelming and miserable for others. Reflecting on the good and bad last year brought and speculating the year to come. This is where we can use that holistic approach on ourselves when looking at the year ahead. 

Consider your physical body, consider your mental state and how they dance together in experiences. Treat each part of your body and existence with the same respect. When reflecting, think about how the things you did impacted you physically and mentally. Do things that you know energise you physically and mentally to work towards your goals for the year, and try new things, noticing the impact they have on your whole self. Use your mindset to support your physical body, and use the strength of your body to keep a healthy mind. 

It is important to remember that whilst New Years resolutions are often individual journeys of self improvement, they don’t have to be achieved alone. And here is where massage can help.

Have you thrown yourself into a new exercise regime?

Introduction of new types of exercise, increased intensity and increased activity levels can leave you with all sorts of niggles. Muscular aches and pains appear, old injuries can resurface and our areas of weakness in the body are suddenly all we can notice.

Overworking of muscles we haven’t used in a while can knock our feelings of confidence and leave us hesitant to keep going. It is important to notice these feelings and know that they are temporary and can be improved. Massage can help to relieve tensions and support healthy functioning of body systems and ease of movement. 

Your therapist can work with your muscles, joints and tissues to reduce pain and promote healing and recovery. They can stretch out any restrictions as they appear, improving your mobility and flexibility. Supporting your body to recover through exercise will help you to stick to those new habits and work in harmony with your training towards your goals. Massage will help you to feel good and keep moving.


Have you set yourself mindful goals?

Are you aiming to be a calmer, more focussed a more motivated you? 

Whatever your goals, massage supports you on those more introspective journeys to self improvement. Time out on the massage table rests the mind. It can reduce physical and mental responses to stress, alleviate and reduce feelings of anxiety, improve your focus and leave you more ready to smash those mindful goals.

Caring for your mental health is an essential part of keeping yourself on track and regular massage can support you with this throughout the coming year.

Whatever your focus this year, engage with practices that support you in achieving your goals. Don’t wait until you’ve burnt out and given up to look after yourself. Cash in on those support networks around you. Your coaches, therapist and community around you are all here to support you on your own personal journey. It’s never too late to make massage your best new habit.