If you are focussing on leading a healthier, fitter lifestyle chances are Farmers Markets are on your radar – if not, they should be and this is why you should be planning a visit to your local Farmers Market.

1. Farmers Markets are good for your body and the environment

There is a lot to like about a Farmers Market. The Farmers themselves are often small, family run, non-industrial setups with a respect for their land, with a focus on low impact and sustainable and pesticide-free farming methods what this means for you is the produce arrives at the market in a near-organic state. Another benefit is the product will travel from farm to market a lot quicker more than likely be free from any preservatives that are added in the journey from farm to the supermarket – making farmers market produce is some of the healthiest you can buy.

2. Famers Markets are excellent for weight loss

This isn’t something that is going to happen overnight but if you are buying the majority of your meat, fruit and vegetables from a Farmer’s market the chances are you are going to lose a few pounds – why? Because you will be buying in quantities that you actually need rather than buying a trolley full of pre-packaged, offer led products that are full of processed rubbish and unnecessary additives.  You will be buying and eating clean and nutrient packed food.

3. Farmers Markets are an experience for the senses rather than a chore

For most of us, a trip to the supermarket isn’t an overly enjoyable experience (especially if you have young children to take with you).  But, a visit to the Farmers Market, can be an event, a day out, an experience for the senses. A rainbow of colours, produce to smell and squeeze for freshness.

Farmers’ markets deliver the freshest, most earth-friendly and nutrient-dense options in the area but are also reconnecting us with the pleasures of discovering, tasting, touching and smelling whole, real food in a welcoming environment – no trollies or aisles in sight.

4. Farmers Markets are social events – they are good for the soul 

Supermarkets are set up for ease and convenience. Aisles are labelled, self-service checkouts are there so you can speed through your shop. Although this is great it doesn’t provide you with the opportunity to be sociable and interact with your neighbours and community. When you visit a Farmers Market the person behind the stall can tell you exactly where the produce has come from, how it was reared, grown and how quickly it travelled from farm to the market. Another bonus is you will get to meet like-minded people who are interested in fuelling their bodies and feeding their families with the best, local and fresh ingredients.

So this weekend instead of heading for a supermarket why not search for your local Farmers Market.

Farmers Markets are good for the mind, body and soul

Don’t forget your bags to carry home your fresh produce!

Here we list a few Local Farmers Market to check out:

Barnstaple’s Farmers Market in Pannier Market every Tuesday and Friday.

Braunton Farmers’ Market in Braunton Parish Hall on the fourth Saturday in the month from 9.30am-12.00pm.

Heanton Farmers’ Market which is on the second Saturday in the month from 9.30am to 12.00pm in Wrafton Village Hall.

Orchard Farm Shop at St Johns Garden Centre.

Let us know if we are missing any local events.