Barnstaple Personal Trainer Wayne Large Explains

Why you crave sugar during the menstrual cycle.

Hey guys, hope you are all doing well, and your fat loss/fitness goals are all on track (if not you know where to find us) this week I want to address the ladies. So ladies I am going to talk about a subject I cannot relate to, your menstrual cycle. That’s probably made all the guys still reading find something else to do. Most women during their cycle really struggle with cravings, and if your on a fat loss program a week of eating crap non-nutritious foods can stop your plan.

The best way to combat this is, a week before your cycle, increase your carbs, such as, lentils, potatoes, rice or beans (not baked lol). Eating these foods leading into your cycle will increase your serotonin levels (your feel good hormone). During your cycle your levels are low so your body craves carbs to force you to increase serotonin. This is why some go for the sugar sources because they quickly enter the system spiking serotonin and for a short time you feel satisfied, until serotonin drops quickly due to the quick rush from the sugar. Slower digesting carbs raise serotonin more steadily. So increase these foods the week before your period, so serotonin is at it’s highest and you’re less likely to crave during your cycle.