Why is water important Absolute training and nutrition explain why

Most people underestimate the importance of water. It appears as though there is a massive gap in understanding and knowledge of hydration and its positive effects on your body.

Did you know that a 2% drop in hydration can cause a small body but critical shrinkage of the brain, decreasing our ability to concentrate and impair neurovascular coordination.

Dehydration is one of the most common causes for fatigue, so when you think your daytime energy drop is ‘‘because you need sugar’’ its actually because you need water.

The benefits of hydration:

Healthy Joints

Synovial fluid is mostly water, becoming dehydrated means less protection for the joints.

Healthy Skin

If you want to appear more aged and have more wrinkles continue to stay dehydrated. Being hydrated is the best way to prevent or decrease wrinkles, plus you could save a fortune on anti-wrinkle creams.

Water Body And Mind

Nutrient absorption and chemical reactions in the body require water for overall health, including brain, digestion and kidney function.

Great Digestion

Hydration improves digestion massively, it helps metabolise food, and makes the passage for waste products easier and better. Just the smallest drop in hydration has a massive affect in your digestive system.

Always feel tired?

Water plays an important part in energy transformation. Granted water does not provide energy like say carbohydrates do, however water is where all energy reactions take place. When you are dehydrated you become lethargic, moody, lose your get up and go and your endurance and strength will be reduced.

Weight Loss

What? Yes its true water can help with weight loss, water increases the body’s ability to metabolise stored fats.

When we are dehydrated fat deposits can actually increase. Staying hydrated will actually reduce fat deposits. Studies have shown that dehydration has an effect on kidney function, causing the liver to take on some of the kidneys functions.

The liver’s primary function is to metabolise stored fats to use for energy. When the liver is doing some of the kidneys work it metabolises less fat resulting in less fat burned.

Fluid retention.

When we are dehydrated the bodies natural response is to hold water, water is stored in extracellular spaces (ie outside the cell). Muscle is 75% water, when you are dehydrated muscle can appear flat. Staying hydrated will keep your muscles looking full.

Water increases muscle tone

Water helps muscle contraction, which in turn increases muscle tone. Increasing water intake will prevent cramps, improve muscle strength. Staying hydrated will prevent sagging, it will make skin look taught and healthy.

Don’t wait till you’re thirsty

If you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated. Your endurance will be lowered, your strength will drop and even worse this can last for days. Don’t wait for thirst, drink water regularly.

Reasons to drink more water

If you’re dieting, eating large amounts of food, for example trying to gain muscle size. Training in endurance events, suffer with digestive issues, kidney stones and so much more.

Remember caffeine and alcohol will dehydrate you as they have a diuretic effect. Your stress will increase when dehydrated this alone is a good reason to stay hydrated.

How much water do you need?

There really is no conclusive answer, personally if you’re an active person you need around 4 litres a day, depending on activity you may need more. In hot temperatures you will need more as you can lose a lot of water through perspiration.


  • Water can help fight fatigue
  • Keep your muscles fuller
  • Increase performance
  • Help you lose fat
  • Help you build muscle
  • Why would you not drink water?