What does it feel like to be a healthy woman?

Sitting here and trying to answer this question is going to be tough. Us, as women are all very different, live different lives and have very different values and do not do the same things. The same way we don’t all make the right decisions. But we try our hardest to do what’s best.


I believe that a healthy woman should feel healthy inside and out both physically and mentally. Physically, I think you should feel fit and be able to get on with day to day activities without any struggles. You should also have a healthy balance between training and rest. Spread your training days across the week and fit in your rest days this gives your body a chance to recover and get the full advantage of all your hard efforts. It’s important to make time for some sort of physical activity whether that’s walking, running, going to a gym class, spinning or gardening. Do something you enjoy not what everyone else wants you to do.



Make time for family, friends and loved ones. I feel that in life we take many things for granted. Life is short and you need to make the most of it and appreciate everything you have. Stop wishing you had more. If you want more from life then work for it. If you’re not prepared to work then you can’t have it. Have the balance between wanting and needing.



Having a healthy mind is the most important thing. If your mind is not 100% then everything else will suffer your family suffers your friends suffer your work suffers and you as a person will suffer. It’s important to keep a healthy mind and realise you’re not alone and it’s ok to sometimes feel down and to not feel like you can take on the world, it’s not a weakness to talk and express how you’re feeling.



I feel that for a healthy balanced diet you should consume all foods. Both nutritional and non nutritional. Everything in moderation. Don’t deprive yourself of food. Don’t skip meals, crash diet or binge. These are all very unhealthy habits that once you start doing it’s hard to stop.


Overall, I personally feel that a healthy woman should be in all round good health. physically, mentally and socially.