Suns out guns out. When its warm none of us want to be covering up.

When the sun shines we all want to be in better shape, wishing we had only stuck to our new years resolution. If your thinking of losing weigh let me give you one be tip to you on track.


No matter if your meat-eater or vegetarian, protein is essential. Research has shown many times that diets higher in protein are superior for fat loss and building muscle over low protein based diets.

Muscle is essential for fat loss. The more muscle you have, the ore calories you burn.

Calories from protein have a higher thermic effect, around 25-30% only 5% from fat and 5-15% from carbs. Basically you burn calories by just eating protein. Another hug advantage is that protein will help you keep fuller for longer.


So what is high protein?

I’m guessing most reading this do not want to be body builders, so you may not wish to eat only chicken breasts and tubs on protein a day. To get an idea, a high protein diet would be 0.6-1g per pound of body weight. So for a 140lb person, they would want to aim for 84-140g of protein per day- split that into 4-6 meals a day and they will be manageable. Be adventurous with you foods DO NOT just eat chicken and veg.

So there you have it, want to drop weight? eat your protein. Remember protein comes from the word proteus which means of first important.


Written by Wayne Large