Who am I?

Hello I’m Aysha one of the coaches down here at absolute training and nutrition/ sports massage therapist. I have been qualified now in the industry just over two years and I love my job and what I do. Having a passion for something and being able to have a career in that passion I think is pretty hard to come by.

Why you do what you do?

As a personal trainer you help to change peoples lives not just short term but for the long term and that for me is a big thing. I always aim to get the best out of my client’s physical and mentally. My passion and motivation is what drives me to help improving people’s lives for the better both in health and fitness. Remember you only get one body so you have to look after it!

What is your favourite type of training?

My favourite type of training is a mixture between weight training and HIIT training I love to weight train but then I also like to mix it up a bit and throw in some HIIT training, boxing I love to push myself to the limit. I am wanting to also step on stage and compete.

What is my favourite cheat meal?

I don’t often have cheat meals if I was going to have one it would be on an occasion like a birthday or Christmas I try to keep my meals relatively healthy but if I was going to have one it would be homemade as I don’t really like eating out or having takeaways.

Tell us something you don’t know?

I played rugby at a high level played for my county and also for south west and was in the England U18 Talent development group.