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Protein Pancake Recipe 2022

Pancake Day 2022 This year Pancake Day falls on Tuesday March 1st and we are here to support you with a recipe to swap out your standard traditional pancake mix (which
Detoxing is a myth but you should still look after your liver

“Detoxing” is a myth

"Detoxing" is a myth but you do still need to look after your liver.  We are sure that you have heard or have considered a "detox" of some sort at
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Personal trainer Barnstaple:The truth about fast weight loss

As a Personal trainer in Barnstaple, its my job to ensure that people eat optimally and also do the right exercises. When it comes to nutrition a lot of people jump from diet to diet in the search of fast weight loss. In this article I would like to take you through a fast weight loss issue and exactly what happens when you go down the fast weight loss route.
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Barnstaple Personal Trainer; Effective weight loss!

Is that when weight loss becomes effective? Surely the aim at this point is to maintain weight loss. The answer should be obvious but very few people look that far. Most people are so caught up with trying to meet their target weight loss that sustainability becomes secondary.