Foods to boost your energy

5 foods to boost your energy  Do you ever get to that point in the day where you just want a quick pick me, a little boost, a burst of energy
Detoxing is a myth but you should still look after your liver

“Detoxing” is a myth

"Detoxing" is a myth but you do still need to look after your liver.  We are sure that you have heard or have considered a "detox" of some sort at

Let’s Talk About Cortisol

Morning cortisol release helps promote fat mobilisation. In the presence of high insulin levels cortisol tends to promote fat accumulation. In part this is one of the reasons some suggest not having carbs with breakfast.
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Barnstaple Personal Trainer: How healthy are you?

Lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation of cardiac muscle, thyroid issues, are Auto immune Diseases. They are on the increase and more and more people are showing other symptoms such as: fatigue (not relieved by rest and sleep); weight gain; in some cases unexplained weight loss; and constant flu like symptoms etc.