I would really like you to watch the video i have attached to this blog, Please go and watch then read on

If this video does not move you to take action, i am afraid you may be a lost cause.
Thanks Cathy for bringing this to my notice.

As a trainer i hear the CAN’T word a lot, and i mean a lot, and any of my clients will tell you that i have never allowed this word to be used. Can’t just means you wont. Its time to be honest with yourself, if your not making the most of your life, the most of you, the most of your opportunities, then its your fault, no body else’s.

I guess thats pretty harsh, i would say sorry, but i would it would be a lie. Its a fact that the reason we get out of shape, lose fitness, etc is because of an action we took, no body forces you to eat bad not exercise, YOU DO. So it goes with out saying that it should be you that makes the change, if your not happy with something change it, simple.

Now that does not mean you should not ask for help, you dont have to do it on your own, being independent is a great feeling, but allowing others to help you is great also. Trusting some one to have your best interests at heart, is an amazing feeling. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK. My mom always said to me as i was growing up “if you dont ask you dont get” and its been a philosophy i have lived by, and has done me good.

Life is an absolute privilage do not take it for granted, love and be loved, take time for you, so you can give time to the one’s who mean the most to you.
Thanks for watching, thanks for reading.

And finally thanks to all the wonderful clients i have had the pleasure of training, past and present, you truly are incredible people, and have understood that you are important and so is your health and fitness, because with out you would not be able to be there for the people who matter to you. I am grateful to you all thanks.