Acquiring a six-pack seems to be more of a fad among the youngsters. The flaunting of the magnificent six-pack abs by stars such as Dwayne Johnson is also one of the fuelling reasons. Developing the chiseled mid-section is hard work. There are hundreds of myths associated with six-pack abs. Let us look at the most common ones.

1. There is no need to maintain a good diet

You believe this statement at your peril. A bad diet is a bad diet. If you start consuming more calories than you burn, it is a sure recipe for disaster. Your body metabolism goes for a toss and you end up having a single pack instead of six-pack abs.

2. Avoid carbohydrates like the plague

People have the misconception that carbohydrates can kill your abs. In fact, carbohydrates are essential because they can act as body fuels. However, carbohydrates such as white bread, potatoes, and soft drinks can do harm because they can initiate a spike in the insulin levels. Instead, you should consume carbohydrates like fruits, legumes, brown rice and others.

3. Sit ups and crunches are compulsory exercises

No doubt, these exercises are popular but there are better exercises such as Scorpion Tails, Russian Twists, standing rope crunches, and others that help develop your mid-section beautifully.

4. Supplements can make my belly fat vanish

One cannot ignore that supplements like green tea and caffeine can have fat burning properties. However, there is no substitute for hard work. You do not get the abs on a platter.

5. Slow reps are the best for your abs

You need to slow down you reps frequently to avoid burnouts but mixing up your reps speed is the best for building up your six-pack abs.

6. Train daily and develop your abs faster

Nothing can be farther than the truth. Overworking your abs can cause a burnout. You would have to spend a lot of time in recovery. Hence, give your workouts a break in between to allow the muscles to recover and adjust.

These are six of the most common myths associated with your six-pack abs.