Start with a time scale, not a goal. For example, 12 weeks is a good starting point to make a huge difference to your health and overall body shape. We have had some incredible 12 week transformations.

Step 1 – Eat better, Eat less.You need to look at your current calorie intake and work out your deficit, for more information on this take a look at our facebook page for our recent videos on calorie deficits.

Step 2 – Move more, make it a daily goal to go further than you did the day before, and keep going.

Step 3 – Aim for 1-2lbs a week, this may seem to low to start with but it is much more achievable in the long run.


If you have tried this, struggled or even given up, or just need some help to get your head in the right place, then give us a call and pop in to see us. We pride ourselves on getting real people real results!