Through my time working in gyms and studios, I always come across the same things and there’s something I’d really like to address. This subject is ‘end goals’ and what I mean by this is what is your final destination? When will you be happy with what you have achieved? The short answer to this is never, but there’s a little more behind this that I’d like to explore. We all start our fitness journey with a specific goal or accomplishment in mind, especially this time of year when everyone seems to have some form of resolution, whether it be stopping drinking or shifting that stone that’s been hanging around our midsections. The first thing I’ll say is to stop making resolutions and start making realistic lifestyle changes that have some longevity behind them.  

This all stemmed from a conversation I recently had with a client (it’s okay I am getting to my point I promise). This client has lost almost 5 stone in their time working with us but recently was asked by a friend why they hadn’t stopped training yet. Obviously, a shocked response followed, but what was the real reason they hadn’t stopped training yet? They’ve been training for almost a year and had absolutely (no pun intended) smashed their goals out of the park, but the goals they once had aren’t the goals they have now, they’re done and finished, it was there to be broken in the first place. And now they have bigger and more difficult goals to reach. But breaking them down into smaller ones along the way had been more achievable.  

So what I’m really trying to get at here is we will always want more, the goals we originally wanted to achieve will be achieved but we need to set more and strive for more, and when we achieve that we will do the same again, it’s a cycle and we will always want to push ourselves than further before, its human nature. So set your goals, hit them and then set them again, but make sure at the end of the day that you are happy and are being the best you that you can be. 

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