Pancake Day is near and we are sorry to inform you but traditional pancakes have very little nutritional value, apologies for being the bearer of bad news.

However, fear not, this recipe for protein pancakes with no added sugar and loaded with muscle-repairing protein, they should remove the urge to pig out on their sugary cousin.

This recipe is so simple and takes just minutes to prepare and whats even better is a great way to kick-start or end your day with a protein boost!

If you are training and monitoring your nutrition you will already know the importance of protein in repairing and fuelling the body.

Protein Pancakes

Recipe makes 4 – one serving/two pancakes is half of the mixture – keep the other half of mixture in the fridge or even cook it all and share with someone…

1 whole egg

1 egg white

two scoops of vanilla protein powder

80g oats

50-100ml water (the amount you use is dependent on desired consistency)

Blend everything and distribute a portion of the mixture into a non-stick pan.

268 KCAL | 22g P | 30g C | 7g F

Now don’t go mad with the toppings!

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