Muscle Building OR Fat loss

Okay so you’re embarking on a fitness journey and your first point of call is to decide your primary objective. This usually comes down to one of the two options: Muscle building or Fat loss. OR is the main thing here, focus all of your energy on one or the other, if you try and do both simultaneously your results will also suffer. Why you ask, let me explain.

Building Muscle

When your primary goal is to build some good solid, lean muscle tissue, you are going to have to eat with a caloric surplus . This means that you are eating more calories than the body requires, this is essential to build new muscle tissue, however there is a strong possibility that your body will also hold on to some excess fat. This can of course can be limited by ensuring your diet is as ‘clean’ as possible. It is almost important to drop or maintain the same body fat while in a caloric surplus, however it makes your primary goal of building muscle a lot simpler.

Dropping body fat

When trying to drop body fat we have to to the opposite to when we try and build muscle, we enter a caloric deficit rather than a surplus. This means eating slightly less calories than your body requires to maintain its weight. This is essential to drop body fat. When this happens we now have the possibility of also dropping a small amount of muscle  tissue at the same time. However we can limit this by ensuring a sensible caloric deficit alongside optimal water and protein intakes, this will ensure a minimal amount of muscle is lost alongside a substantial amount of fat loss.


So when setting out on a fitness journey think about what you really want and hit it with everything you’ve got, trying to hit two contrasting goals can be counter productive.