What is a Personal Trainer?

Let me answer that by telling you what we are not. We understand how difficult it is to take the step to work with a coach. But that is nothing compared to understanding why you have probably continued to struggle.

Let Me Explain

When people decide to lose weight, maybe get in better shape or just get fitter, whatever the reason they make a series of uncomfortable changes.

  • They remove the "bad foods" from the diet.
  • They become a social recluse.
  • They hit the training hard.
  • They reduce their food, and eat basic plain foods.
  • After 8, 10, 12 weeks of this they have results, maybe abs, or looked great at their event they were working towards.

However this way of getting in shape or dropping weight is counter productive!

What your actually left with is... a bad relationship with food, a poor metabolism and no social circle.

Most go straight back to eating all those really "nice" foods they restricted themselves from. They stay away from any kind of exercise, as all they did was live in the gym. They hit the social life harder to gain back the friends they have missed.

Leaving them back where they started. Sound Familiar?

As coaches we owe you more than that. We should be able to you get results without turning you into a recluse or eating chicken and broccoli. Exercise should be enjoyable. Our job as your coach is to help you set realistic goals that are both achievable and enjoyable.


For those wanting that little bit more.

We pride ourselves on our family feeling, you are treated with respect, and will never be made to feel intimidated.

Lets face it, every single one of us want that little extra, we all want to feel special. This is something our Personal Trainers at Absolute Training and Nutrition aim to achieve with every single client at our Barnstaple Personal Training studio.

Our 1-1 Personal we assess, re-assess and then implement the best way to help you achieve the results you have been longing for.

Ultimately health is of the most important component. Regardless of your goals and aims improving health will have a positive affect on your results.


    You work with people just like you, supporting you all the way


    Your training programs are designed to get the best results in the fastest time


    Customised and personalised nutrition by QUALIFIED coaches


    1-1 time with your coach because we know how much this means to you


    See amazing results in only 6 weeks, we will change how you feel about exercise and eating forever. Let us show you how easy it is


    Results, fun, friendly, real people and still enjoying life.

Get Started With Absolute. It's All About You.

This program is for you, you deserve more after all. We all love the personal touch, feeling special. At Absolute Training and Nutrition, we pride ourselves on delivering exactly that. We want you to join the family. We listen to you, your wants and needs. This is not about us, and it never will be.

Making the call asking for help is the hardest part, once you have done that, we will take it from there, let us help.

We understand that you may have very specific goals, for example weight loss, muscle gain etc. However we also need to consider your health. This is one of the most important benefits that is often overlooked. How are your emotions? Hormone health? digestive health? These are just a few of the health related issues we need to look at, if you are to achieve your goals. We are ready to bet that you have tried lots of things in the past? possibly other trainers, yet just did not quite get what you wanted. We will stick our necks out and suggest it might be because all the factors of health, just were not looked at. We want to fuel your body to make you feel younger, have more energy, get incredible results and make you feel amazing.

Absolutely no starving or over exercising! Our approach is always about you, the client. You are what is important to us and we listen to you every step of the way. We plan your goals, If they change so does our approach. We will immediately develop a new plan and make it what you want. This is our passion, we love what we do, we love seeing before our very eyes, people's transformations, they really are amazing. Because we assess and don't guess means everything we do makes our transformations effective and long lasting.