At Absolute, we offer more than training plans to help you on your journey. Each of our clients gets a personalised nutrition plan to help them reach the results they want. Learn more here.

How does it work?

STEP 1: Induction and Fit3D Body Scan

Our nutrition plans are personalised to you and your goals in every way, so whether you need a nutrition plan for weight loss or a nutrition plan for muscle gain, we’ll put together the right guidance for you. The process starts at your induction, where we will discuss your goals, current lifestyle and eating habits and give you your first Fit3D Body Scan.

What’s more, you’ll be able to access all of this data remotely by logging into your account online and compare each scan as you go so you can track your progress. We know how satisfying it can be to look over your results after fat loss and see how far you’ve come and 3D body scanning allows you to do that with ease.

By looking at the lifestyle you currently lead, your end goals and your body composition, we can create a tailored plan offering calorie and macronutrient guidance that will offer you results without making you feel like you are on a diet.

STEP 2: Your Nutrition Plan

After your induction, our health professionals will put together a nutrition plan for you to follow and email it over to you so you can get started straight away. In this plan, you’ll get your recommended daily and weekly calorie intake and your daily macronutrient targets. You’ll be able to get started with this plan right away.

We’ll ask you to track everything you eat so that we can monitor your progress and you can be sure you are on plan. Your personal trainer will talk to you about getting started with tracking if you need help.

STEP 3: Monitoring and Guidance

With your meal plan in place and your personal training journey kickstarted, we’ll be with you every step of the way to monitor your progress and guide you in the right direction (should you need it). We do this in a range of ways:

  • Weekly check-ins: Every Sunday morning, you’ll receive a weekly check-in email where you can reflect on your week, raise any issues you may be having and ask us any questions.
  • Training session check-ins: As well as weekly email check-ins, you’ll check in with your coach during every training session and have an opportunity to ask questions or get some advice.
  • Body scans and assessments: During your journey with us, you’ll be able to track your progress through body scans. Not only will this show you the progress you are making, but can help our personal trainers see if any changes need to be made to your plan.
  • Recipe books and nutrition education: We don’t do things by halves at Absolute and as well as one-on-one nutrition advice and training, we are constantly creating and sharing books including healthy recipes and nutrition advice which all members have access to.

As well as this, you’ll be able to contact us 24/7 to ask questions or get advice, whether you just want to ask a quick question or feel as though your nutrition plan isn’t clicking for you, we are here to help. We also have a private Facebook Group where our members can talk and ask questions and we go live once a week to answer any questions that are raised in your weekly check-ins.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a calorie deficit work?

A calorie deficit works by ensuring you are burning more calories than you are consuming. Every day, even if we do no exercise at all our body needs a wealth of calories to simply work and more for any extra activity we do. By understanding your lifestyle and looking at your body scan, we can work out roughly how many calories your body needs every day and offer you a calorie guide that is slightly less than that, meaning you are burning more than you are consuming - the best way to lose weight.

Why do I have to track what I eat?

Tracking what you eat can be something you need to get used to and we understand why people ask this question, but there are two main reasons it’s incredibly important. One - it helps us know what you are eating. Although you could just manually work out your calorie intake every day, by tracking what you eat we can see exactly how your intake breaks down and give you better advice. Two - it’s really hard to know exactly what you’ve eaten. By tracking everything, you can get the most accurate representation of your intake. Without it, it can be easy to miss a splash of olive oil here or a quick snack there and then you won’t actually be eating the calories you think you are.

Am I on too many calories?

Everything we do at Absolute focuses on getting you sustainable results. Yes, we could tell you to just eat rice cakes every day and you’d pretty quickly drop some weight, however, that’s not a sustainable lifestyle and it’s just not healthy and you’d quickly put it all back on again. Our nutrition plans for weight loss and muscle gain are intended to be achievable and sustainable, giving you results that’ll last a lifetime, rather than a few weeks.

What if I go over my calories?

It’s alright, we aren’t expecting you to be perfect, we know that we aren’t! Whether you get tempted by a birthday cake at work or a BBQ with family, we know there are occasions where it’s just not possible to stick to your plan and that’s okay. However, if you do seem to be going over your calories more than staying under them, we will work with you to find out why that is and how we can help make your plan work for you.

How can I put on muscle whilst losing weight?

With the right combination of training and diet, you’ll not have to worry about losing muscle mass whilst losing weight. We know that for some of our clients, wanting to build muscle is a priority and so we ensure our plans help you do that. Whatsmore, your body scan will be able to give us accurate data on whether you’ve gained muscle during your time with us so we can monitor your progress and adjust your plan accordingly if we need to.

Will I just best eating chicken breast, brown rice, sweet potato etc?

No - unless you want to. The great thing about our nutrition diet plans is they can be tailored to your tastes and wants; we simply give you the outline to success. Provided you are sticking to your calorie guidance as much as possible and meeting your macronutrient needs, you can eat whatever you want so you don’t have to feel limited to “healthy food”. This gives you complete control over your meal plan and lets you eat what makes you happy.

What are macronutrients?

Macronutrients, often referred to as ‘macros’, are the nutrients that we need in larger quantities to function properly, which are found in the food we eat. They are protein, carbohydrates and fats. When we give you your nutrition plan, you’ll get your recommended calorie intake and your recommended macro intake, depending on your goals this may just be protein, or this may be all three macronutrients. 

Will I have to take protein supplements?

No - unless you want to. We know that for some people the world of whey protein products and protein powders can be very foreign and it might not be something you want to add to your diet and that’s fine. We want this plan to suit you and your personal taste and won’t make you eat anything you don’t want to.

If you do want to try a protein shake or bar, we have a great range at the studio which you are welcome to buy directly from us. Wonderful for a post-workout snack or just if you want to enjoy something sweet, talk to your trainer about the products we have in stock.