ASANA Classes in Barnstaple

Focused on posture, flexibility, stamina and body conditioning, ASANA is the practise of pushing your body to the max using poses and small movements to gain muscle strength and flexibility.

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ASANA Fitness Training at Absolute

Here at Absolute we love variety and that variety always has to deliver exceptional results.  ASANA is our brand new program that focuses on stretch, strength, flexibility and stamina.  Using ASANA poses inspired from yoga and pilates, small conditioning movements developed from body barre and stretch and flex exercises to lengthen and release tension in the muscles, ASANA is a program that can be compared to none!  We love it and we hope that you do too!


What is ASANA?

The simplest way to explain ASANA classes at Absolute is to say relaxing, low-impact, Pilates/Yoga Fitness classes perfect for all levels of experience.  

ASANA is the name traditionally given to a body posture, originally (and still) a term for a sitting meditation pose, and later extended in hatha (yoga) and modern yoga as exercise.  ASAN is any type of position, adding reclining, standing, inverted, twisting, and balancing poses.

We are delighted to be able to bring to you our ASANA fitness classes as a blend of all of the amazing low impact exercise specialisms that are out there, in our own ABSOLUTE signature style.

What should I expect?

ASANA is an aerobic exercise aimed at strength and conditioning, with a focus on your core strength. It works by looking to balance your body, improve both posture and strength and offer you more control over your movements. 

ASANA and the related disciplines we have combined are often linked to the well-being movement and can be a great exercise for both your physical and mental health. With a relaxing atmosphere and slow, controlled movements it’s a less rigorous form of exercise that allows you to really spend time with yourself and your body.

What are the benefits of ASANA?

ASANA has a great range of benefits that are not only useful for those on a fitness journey but those who want to improve their overall quality of life. It’s commonly thought that Pilates, Yoga, Body Barre and Stretch and Flex exercises can help improve posture, tone muscle, offer increased balance and mobility as well as aiding mental health with relieved stress and tension.

Who can take part in ASANA?

Anyone is invited to ASANA at Absolute, whether you train with us or are just looking for a conditioning Yoga/Pilates/Stretch class near you. 

The low-impact nature of ASANA means it can also be a great exercise for those who have mobility problems, are suffering from injury or are just beginning on a fitness journey. Although our classes are for groups, your instructor will be with you every step of the way to offer advice and most importantly, ensure that you are in the correct position and posture to gain the best results and eliminate the risk of injury.

This is also why our classes are able to cater for beginners or those who are more advanced, as your instructor will be able to offer levels of exercise to suit all and condition your body in the best way for you!


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