Our 30-day fitness programme is perfect for those who want to kickstart their fitness journey, level it up or learn new skills.


What do I get?

3 Training Sessions Per Week

Our 30-day training offer gives you access to 3 small-group personal training sessions a week. You’ll be able to choose when you train so that you can fit these sessions around your lifestyle and commitments. You’ll be grouped with up to 5 other like-minded individuals who are also looking to achieve their health and fitness goals, and you’ll be coached by one of our personal training team.

In these sessions, you’ll be able to enjoy one-on-one coaching from our fitness professionals, a guided workout plan and a group of supportive people who want you to do your best and achieve your goals.

Following your induction, you’ll be sent your full programme as a video so you can see what’s in-store over the month. During your sessions, you’ll not only be guided by your coach but your programme will be displayed in the gym on a TV screen so you can see what is coming up next. 


Nutrition Planning

As well as training sessions, on your induction session, we will create a tailored nutrition plan for your needs to help guide you when it comes to food to get the best results. Our nutrition plans aren’t diets but calculated plans based on your body and lifestyle which can guide you towards your best self.

Fit3D Body Scanning and Consultations

A unique feature of our 30-day challenge programme that you won’t find at other gyms in Barnstaple is our body scanning. At Absolute, we have a Fit3D Body Scanner which can offer an accurate look at your body composition. Not only can this help us guide your training and nutrition, but with two scans (included in the price) you’ll have clear data showing you just how far you’ve progressed.

Unlimited Access to BURN

For those who are really looking to take their training up a notch, or get in some cardio, you’ll also receive unlimited access to our BURN classes for the month. These 30-minute sessions can get your blood pumping and body working and offer you another way to improve your fitness. All we ask is that you prioritise your training programme.

Weekend Access to Our Studio

Fancy trying your programme solo or getting an extra session in to finish off a good week? With our 30-day fitness course, you’ll also get weekend access to our studio. Here you’ll be able to workout independently (or choose to meet some of your groupmates) and practice your newfound skills.

Absolute Training & Nutrition 30-Day Fitness Offer - What do you get
Absolute Training & Nutrition 30-Day Fitness Offer - What do you get
Absolute Training & Nutrition 30-Day Fitness Offer - What do you get

Cost Breakdown

Our 30-day challenge programme is currently only £150, making it the most affordable in town. This low price includes a range of features and works out to around £12.50 for you own personal trainer - far less than a single personal training session would cost you at a high street gym.

3 Small group PT sessions a week: Value - £195

2 Fit3D body scans and consultations: Value - £150

Induction session: Value - £45

Nutrition planning and books: Value: £30

Unlimited access to Bodyweight Burn: Value - £20

You get all of this, as well as:

Access to our private gym at weekends (usually reserved for private clients)

Accountability programme and access to the Absolute community


When are the sessions?

Small Group Personal Training Timetable for Absolute Training & Nutrition


What happens after the 30 days?

Your coach will sit with you and go through your training, nutrition, scans and overall progress. We will help you to create a plan for how you can move forwards in a way that fits your goals, lifestyles and budget, whether with Absolute or independently. If you love our facility as much as we think you will, we will do whatever we can to help you.

Will I be expected to sign up for anything when the 30 days are over?

No, you won't. Although many people choose to stay on at Absolute after programmes like this because of the results they’ve seen and the way we work, if you do not want to we completely understand. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll sit with your coach and go over your training and look at options for your future, and if you choose to move away from Absolute they’ll offer you advice on moving forward independently.

Can't I just keep doing the 30 days?

Sadly, no. After the 30 day challenge, we will sit with you to establish a future plan. The challenge is intended as an introduction to Absolute and what we are about, and we are sure that once you’ve completed the programme you’ll be looking forward to the next step.

Will I be fit enough to do this program?

Yes, whatever level of fitness you find yourself at we will tailor your training programme to work for you. Although these are group sessions, the emphasis is still on personal training, and your coach will ensure you are working at the right level for your goals.

Do I have to do 3 sessions a week?

No, you do not. Although this programme offers a maximum of 3 sessions per week we understand that sometimes life can get in the way and you may just not be able to fit that in. However, we do ask that you do a minimum of 3 sessions a week before you start attending BURN classes or independent training on the weekends.

Can I do more than 3 sessions a week?

As much as we love your enthusiasm, to get results you shouldn’t need to commit to any more than 3 sessions per week. However, if you feel you have a little more to give you will have unlimited access to BURN throughout the 30 days and weekend access to our private gym.

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