As a Personal trainer in Barnstaple, its my job to ensure that people eat optimally and also do the right exercises. When it comes to nutrition a lot of people jump from diet to diet in the search of fast weight loss. In this article I would like to take you through a fast weight loss issue and exactly what happens when you go down the fast weight loss route.

We all have a resting metabolic rate (RMR), this is the rate at which your body burns calories while at rest, and yes you burn them while sleeping. The body needs a certain amount of calories just to maintain daily function; this varies from individual to individual. If you want to work out yours please go here

If you eat below your basal metabolic rate, yes you will lose weight but it will only be for a 3-4 weeks before it stops, then you decide to eat less and again you lose a little then it stops. Sound familiar. So what’s happening? When you eat below your RMR your body shuts down a series of functions one of which being fat burning, instead it turns to muscle for its fuel because it has less calories (4.1 per Gram) and the body wants to save the fat you have just in case because fat is more calorific (9 per Gram) This is a natural safety mode.

I often hear from people saying how they have lost lots of weight but are soft and lack tone, now you know why! Your body during this starvation mode also uses water quickly, causing you to become dehydrated; a dehydrated body does not function well, and certainly does not burn fat!! Again the body now holds onto water as much as it can leading to an even softer looking body the term referred to as skinny fat!

So to get a toned firm body do not eat below your BMR, if you carry fat on your thighs hips and tummy, then you may have insulin resistance, you should choose carbs form a low GI value a value of 55 or below, and be aware of the glycemic load, this simply means keep your portions of these low GI foods small, low does not mean you can more!!

Make sure you eat enough protein, and with every meal! Make your workouts efficient and keep them form 30-45 minutes. If you want more info call the studio on 01271 344539 and ask us how we can help you. If you workout at home again choose good body weight exercises, use a interval timed workout for great results if you want to use a tried and tested results driven system check out if you buy it the email me at I will send you even more nutrition plans that are not on the system at this time, also you will get full access to a nutrition seminar we did with Europe’s leading authority on nutrition Cain Leatham, this is worth its weight in gold alone. If you have questions you can mail them to me at or call the studio on 01271 344539.

Be Healthy
Wayne Large