Personal trainer Barnstaple: Why use zinc?

So most of us have heard about multivitamins and minerals. Most of us take them or have at some point. Most know they are good for us, but do not actually know why. I will be running a series of articles on this subject, so next time you decide to take your vitamins you will know why your taking them.


Lets start with the daddy of the minerals and why you should be taking it and why you should be taking it as a separate supplement. Zinc is an essential mineral obtained through eating foods. Zinc plays an important role in many processes in the body including immune function, reproduction, growth, taste, vision, smell, thyroid function, insulin function and blood clotting. Pretty much everything we eat requires zinc to be present including carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins, and nucleic acids as well as neurotransmitters, making zinc essential for DNA synthesis. Zinc protects the body against free radicals, which cause premature aging, cancer, heart disease and much more.


Can’t I just get it from my food?
Yes but the chances are the foods will not contain enough. Because of the way we farm and also the way we feed our animals zinc levels are not high enough in most of our foods. Supplementing zinc is the only way to make sure you get adequate levels.
Are you zinc deficient?

There is a really simple way to tell and at our studio in Barnstaple we can run a very quick test that will tell us this information. Some of the tell tale physical signs are poor immune function, low libido, low fertility, ulcers and poor digestive health, tiredness not relieved by sleep, low concentration levels.
Zinc is also important for proper insulin production, people with low level of zinc and other minerals have been associated with glucose intolerance, increased insulin sensitivity leading to weight gain. Low Zinc levels will also make it really hard for you to lose fat, which means you probably will eat less meaning even lower zinc levels increased stress and more.

Zinc is very sensitive and can be degraded in the present of some other minerals and food stuffs, which is why it should be taken as a single supplement preferably at night or at least 45 minutes after eating or taking other supplements, to get the full strength dose of your zinc.



Not all zinc is created equal, make sure you use a quality supplement from a good resource, basically if you can buy it for a penny stop and ask yourself is this a quality product if it can be sold as buy one and get another for a penny!! After all its your health your body do you not deserve better.


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