Believe in Yourself!


The mind is a beautiful thing. It’s the centre of the universe as far as we are concerned. It’s the only part of us that can help us achieve greatness or hold us back from reaching for the stars. We have probably had moments where we want to change something such as our job, career, life! Then we make the mistake of sharing our thoughts with people, some are supportive and some make us doubt ourselves and our abilities. This makes us question ourselves and more often than not give up on ourselves.

In my time as an exercise and nutrition coach, I have heard people say I am waiting for my friend to come with me before I start training. Its funny how we seek approval, to be better! It takes a brave person to admit they need to change; it takes even more courage to action. History is full of people who achieved greatness, because they had vision and focus and never allowed others to discourage them.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, came from a small town in Austria, he did not have particularly privileged up bringing. He chose bodybuilding as his way to express himself. But he had a bigger drive. He wanted to be the best bodybuilder in the world. He achieved that title and is still today considered one of the greatest. But lets not stop there, Arnold had a passion to be a movie star, everyone told him he could not do it, no one would be able to pronounce his name, or understand his accent, he was told to give up. But Arnold had other plans, not only did he become a actor, but also stared in some of Hollywood’s biggest box office smashes. Again Arnold was not finished, he had a passion for politics, and pushed to become the Governor of California. Again everyone told him it could not happen, after all he was not born in the US, but Arnold listened to himself, had belief in himself, he was driven and no one but him would be able to stop him achieving greatness.

So next time you have a plan an idea, a need, a want. Do not allow others to discourage you. If you believe it you can achieve it. It is only you who can stop you from greatness. You are unique; there is no one else like you, so it goes to stand that only you can really make decisions for you.