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What is a Fit3D Body Scan?

A Fit3D Body Scan is a 360° fitness body scan that takes only 35 seconds to complete. During this time, the scanner takes over 200 measurements of your body and gives you an accurate depiction of your body composition and measurements, as well as much more.

What does a Fitness Body Scan show?

Your fitness body scan will generate a 3D image of your scan and wellness, posture and balance reports, along with detailed body measurements. If you’ve scanned more than once, you’ll be able to compare the findings of each scan to see just how far you’ve come.

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Wellness Report

Your wellness metrics will include data on your body shape, body composition and fitness level. Your body shape rating will offer you a score based on your body shape in relation to cardiovascular risk factors, showing you how you compare to other Fit3D users. Your body composition analysis will show you your body fat percentage, total body weight, fat mass and lean mass; great for those who are looking to lose fat mass whilst building muscle. Your fitness 3D scan analysis will offer a basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is used to help calculate your nutrition information.

Posture Report

Your posture analysis will uncover detailed data regarding your posture, highlighting any shifts and tilts to be aware of. This is great for ensuring your training is targeting weaker areas of the body and help you to avoid injuries. 

Balance Report

Your balance report will show you how evenly your weight is distributed into the ground, analysing the pressure you put into different parts of your feet.


Your measurement report will give you accurate body measurements broken down into sections such as bust, waist, hips and many more. This can be a brilliant way to track your progression off of the scales for those who are trying to lose weight and highlights the areas of your body that are losing fat or growing muscle.

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What’s more, you’ll be able to access all of this data remotely by logging into your account online and compare each scan as you go so you can track your progress. We know how satisfying it can be to look over your results after fat loss and see how far you’ve come and 3D body scanning allows you to do that with ease.


How accurate is a Fit3D Body Scan?

Fitness body scans are very accurate and Fit3D is the best on the market. In fact, around the world Fit3D has partnered with leading health and fitness institutes to help research and education on body composition in relation to health and wellness. There is no better and more accurate way to determine a person’s body composition.

How much is a Fit3D Body Scan?

Members of Absolute who are part of our personal training and semi-private group training programmes will be offered fitness body scans during their journey with us to record their progress and highlight their weight loss and progression.

For those who aren’t a member of Absolute Training & Nutrition, we offer a Fit3D Body Scan along with professional consultation for a price of £45. For this, you will be able to make an appointment to come in and scan and then one of our trainers will sit with you to discuss your results in-depth and answer any questions you may have.

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How can I book a fitness body scan near me?

To book a fitness body scan in North Devon with Absolute Training & Nutrition, please contact us using the button below and we will be in touch to discuss booking you in for a scan and consultation, and payment.