With a large amount of unreliable information lying about the fitness industry, and self-proclaimed “experts” its hard to distinguish between fact and fiction.

So let’s debunk a few of the myths surrounding females and fitness


Lifting weights will make me bulky 

This one pops up on a regular basis and I find myself explaining it more often than not. Lifting weights will not make you bulky, it’s as simple as this; women do not produce enough testosterone, in fact, they produce 15-20 times less than males. For men it takes years of top quality training and nutrition to gain muscle, therefore it takes women even longer.

If you are relatively new to training improvements will come quicker than an experienced lifter, but you will not suddenly grow into a massive behemoth, if you begin to feel ‘bulky’ i’m afraid it is more likely down to a poor diet and increased body fat percentage- not additional muscle mass.

Keep an eye out for part 2 on Spot Reduction


Written by: Matt Nailor