So, you’re training hard and eating well, but what’s with all the chicken and broccoli? Surely you can’t live like that forever, why did you start eating like that to start with?… oh! you saw someone on instagram eating like that, who were they? A pro fitness model?

Let’s get something straight: those guys are prepping for shoots or shows, or are professional/ competitive athletes they need to eat that way to do what they do. The majority of us DO NOT. We can have a much more varied diet and still get the results we want. As always, it is a simple calories in V calories out scenario- we burn more that we consume and we will lose fat! So just keep an eye on your overall intake. Now I’m not saying eat whatever you fancy, cause things such as sugar can have a hormonal effect, but just make sensible choices . Unless of course you are getting ready for a cover shoot, or are skipping on stage in 6 weeks; then broccoli and chicken may be the way to go.


The 80-20 rule: The 80-20 rule is a great way for us to work as it means we eat a varied but calorie controlled diet for 80% of the time and remaining 20% we we can let our hair down a little (usually for social events) This way we can enjoy the best in life whilst still getting results. Take a look at Wayne’s recent video on this subject.


Written by Matt Nailor