What would happen if you replaced all your drinks with water?


  • You lose weight faster – by eliminating a similar amount of calories to running 8km
  • Your metabolism – drinking 500ml of water in the morning can speed up your metabolism by up to 25%
  • Your brain functions better – Your brain is 75-80% water, drink it to help fuel it and help you concentrate
  • You’ll eat less – water will suppress your appetite, a lot of the time you will find you are thirsty (not hungry)
  • You will remove toxins faster – water washes out harmful substances, preventing ageing
  • Lowers your risk of disease
  • Your heart will work better – 5 glasses a day will reduce your risk of a heart attack by up to 41%
  • Skin becomes softer and clearer
  • You’ll also save a lot of money!