5 foods to boost your energy 

Do you ever get to that point in the day where you just want a quick pick me, a little boost, a burst of energy to see you through the rest of the day (or maybe just until lunch)?… Well here are our top 5 energy-boosting foods to help you through the day. 


Fruit is a great start and energy booster to add to your day, the natural levels of fructose (or sugars) make this a great food for boosting your energy through the day, and due to fresh fruits high amount of fiber it helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels and reduce the amount of hunger you feel, making it great for hitting your sweet tooth as well and ensuring you don’t gorge, all this whilst boosting your energy levels.  


Okay so eggs are probably a norm in your day-to-day eating routine but what you probably didn’t know if there’s a great reason to have a couple of hard-boiled eggs as a snack in the day to boost your energy…and here’s why: The yolk of the egg contains a high concentration of B vitamins which help to convert the food you eat into usable energy sources, and the bonus – plenty of vitamin D to help maintain strong bones and an efficient immune system. 


Okay so nuts are quite a regular snack right? But really you should use them when you’re starved of energy and need a little pick me up during the day, why? I’ll tell you why. Nuts have a great blend of fats proteins and fiber, unlike simple sugars which are broken down and used quickly due to having less fiber, nuts have a high amount of fiber which means they are broken down over a longer period of time and will help you be full of energy for longer.

Dark Chocolate

So I thought I’d sneak a little treat in here and it’s dark chocolate. If you’re fancying a little treat dark chocolate could be your answer for an energy boost. Dark chocolate contains a natural stimulant called theobromine, which acts in a similar way to caffeine and boosts your energy and mood.


I had to somehow squeeze this one in here, one of the most important things that have a direct effect on your energy levels is your hydration level. Dehydration hits a lot quicker and harder than hunger, and this is why water can be so important for keeping your energy levels high. Water is also the transport mechanism used for getting nutrients used for energy around the body. Finally, without enough water, we cannot metabolize the food we eat for energy in the first place, and this is why water had to make my list. 

So there you have it, 5 great foods/drinks that are great to boost your energy.  

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