Why is fat loss so hard? this is something i get asked a lot, i mean a lot. I only have one answer, its not. You see weight loss as been made into such a massive market that it has become complicated and difficult to understand. What you have to understand is there was nothing complicated about how you put the weight on in the first place.

There is one thing you did that put weight on you, you consistently ate the wrong foods for you. You consistently did non or very little exercise. You get the idea the word being consistancey. Most people do not give new diet plans or exercise routines enough time to work, if they have not lost what they thought they should have in the few weeks they have been trying, they move on.

The keys here are DO NOT DIET “Surely thats not right” No im sorry to dissapoint you but once you go on a diet or say im on a diet, you instantly crave the foods you are trying to avoid, and after a few days you have give in, but thats ok because you will start again Monday, how many times have you said that?

The other key factor to weight loss is IF YOU DONT ENJOY WHAT YOUR DOING YOU WILL STOP! So its so important that the exercise you choose to do is FUN. However it still needs to be effective just because you like going for nice walks it probably is not going to be the most effective way for you to lose the excess weight. And now for the contradiction moving is still better than not moving!

Lets face it losing weight is not difficult, after all we all know people who have done it and done it well and kept it off. So why them and not you. Reality check, you can do it as well, you have to address why your not getting the results and if your honest it has something to do with my previous comment CONSISTANCY.

The reason others have lost weight and you have not yet is because they consistently ate well supplying themselves with the right foods for them. They consistently exercised regulary and enjoyed what they were doing, and the big one THEY STILL DO IT, THEY MADE A LIFE CHANGE. It was never just a get fit quick scheme to these successful individuals. So if you want to lose weight make that change NOW, stop saying i will start Monday, stop saying i tried this diet and that exercise class and it did not work.  You can do it, you just have to believe in yourself. If you need help then you know we will help you.