Eat + Train for what you want, not for what someone else wants!

Matt Nailor

Near enough everyday I get asked “how come you can eat/train or get away with ‘that’ ” whatever ‘that’ is.

Usually this will come down to one thing, GOALS. What are my goals in comparison to you? And how my body specifically breaks down different foods.

I would currently like to gain some size (muscle of course), which means more calories need to go in. More calories means more food, more carbs, fats and protein.

In most of the people that I train the main aim for them is to drop weight/body fat. However this goal means a caloric deficit i.e less food than your body requires which means less calories, less food, less protein, fats + carbs. As well as this when people have been eating poorly for a prolonged period of time their bodies become sensitive to some foods commonly carbs are this food. Which results in having to remove them from the diet for a short time so that the gut can heal and then digest and break them down properly in the future.

So in conclusion, your goals and what you would like to achieve will play an important role in the way you eat or train and it is important not to get distracted with what others are doing (eating).