Recently, I had a client contact me and tell they were feeling guilty because they were letting me down. (They weren’t) Among other things work, home life and training/ healthy eating were taking their toll. This had lead to excess eating, lack of exercise and a general feeling of unhappiness. My response…?


Don’t ever feel guilty. All you can ever do is put in as much effort as you can, without making yourself unhappy or burning yourself out, what’s the point in over doing it and making yourself feel worse?


My piece of advice is this: the things that make you happy, carry on doing them, the things that don’t? do as little of them as possible and the things you have to do, that you cannot avoid, break them up into small and manageable chunks.


You never have a reason to feel guilty, we all get into fitness for similar reasons, and that is to better ourselves and become a stronger version of ourselves- this takes time, and along the way there will be roadblocks- that is OK.


Written by Matt Nailor.