I hear people all the time taliking about low fat diets, however when most people go low fat they eliminate the good fats as well.

One of the best dietry sources of fat is coconut oil, it is a MCT which stands for Multi Chain Triglyceride. What does this mean, well from a diet point of view it means that the body thrives on these kind of fats, and therefore helps the body shed the body fat you carry.

Get started using coconut oil with my thai curry.

You Will Need

coconut oil (holland and barrett stock this)

coconut milk (full fat version)

Thai green or red paste, your choice

chicken or fish or veggies

fish sauce

kaifer leaves


How to make

heat cocnut oil in a pan about a tsp

Add thai paste amount you add is dependent on your taste.

once the paste is fried of in the coconut oil

Add half can of coconut milk bring to boil

Add your choice of meat, fish or veg.

add the rest of the coconut milk

Bring back to boil

Add green beans if usisng meat or fish.

Allow to simmer

Add fish sauce to taste (go easy on this or it will make your tai curry very salty)

Add 1 t-spoon of sugar

Add kaifer leaves

this should serve 2-3 people

Have with whole grain rice or on its own.

Please leave a comment if you make this recipie and let me know what you think.