As a fitness & health coach people just love to tell me what they have recently read or heard, especially from the TV or “latest” news on a subject.

Recently clients have been coming into the studio to tell me they have heard that coconut oil is “bad” for you.

Lets explore this- the American Heart Association released an article on coconut oil. The jist of which is that it is very bad for you due to being high in saturated “bad” fats.

The worst part about their research is that it is so outdated. Regardless of all the scientific evidence and research regarding the benefits of coconut oil the AHA is still spouting basic nonsense.


Here’s a few of the benefits besides the internal heart benefits:

Oral Hygiene

Great for Skin

Kill bacteria

Reduce inflammation

Great for hair

Aids weight loss

Great for energy


Sadly most will believe what they hear and see on TV. I’m stating here and now extra virgin coconut oil is good for you, for all the reasons above.

As coaches we stay up to date with solid evidence based research to ensure out clients receive only best.