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Our Immune System

  What is our immune system? Our immune system is essential for our survival. ┬áIts role is to stop our bodies being open to attack from bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Our immune system

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protein pancakes

Protein Pancake Recipe

Pancake Day is near and we are sorry to inform you but traditional pancakes have very little nutritional value, apologies for being the bearer of bad news. However, fear not, this

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Let’s Talk About Cortisol

Morning cortisol release helps promote fat mobilisation. In the presence of high insulin levels cortisol tends to promote fat accumulation. In part this is one of the reasons some suggest not having carbs with breakfast.

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Soy and why you should avoid it

Nutrition is key to great health. Its also a very confusing subject. People are told this is good for you that is bad for you, which just adds to the confusion. There is one food source that many consume under the impression that it's healthy.

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Alcohol and Fat Loss

Alcohol and Fat Loss As an exercise and nutrition coach, I help clients achieve optimum health, and also become leaner and fitter. I do this through correct exercise prescription and optimal

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