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Myth Busting: Female edition 4.

"I'm not losing weight, my program doesn't work" Your scales should never be your only way to monitor progress.   An example of this... if you are 80kg, but you gain 2kg of

Myth Busting: Female edition 3

"I train, so I can eat what a like" No. I would love to eat whatever I like and stay in shape, but it just doesn't work that way. Yes, training increases

Myth Busting: Female edition 2

Spot reduction is NOT a thing. Being asked "how can I get rid of this bit, just here" has become the daily norm for me. Everyone has a problem area/ or multiple areas,

Myth Busting: Female edition 1

With a large amount of unreliable information lying about the fitness industry, and self-proclaimed "experts" its hard to distinguish between fact and fiction. So let's debunk a few of the myths

10 ways to lose weight without starving

1. Always have a 'big' breakfast No more cereal, get plenty of protein and fat in at breakfast. Scrambled eggs and some steak or good quality sausages will keep you fuller

Let’s Talk About Cortisol

Morning cortisol release helps promote fat mobilisation. In the presence of high insulin levels cortisol tends to promote fat accumulation. In part this is one of the reasons some suggest not having carbs with breakfast.

Soy and why you should avoid it

Nutrition is key to great health. Its also a very confusing subject. People are told this is good for you that is bad for you, which just adds to the confusion. There is one food source that many consume under the impression that it's healthy.