Weight loss is a massive business. Weight loss diets, pills and potions gross billions every year.

This is what one of our clients told us:

“I totally struggled with weight loss, I should have been focused on being healthier being more active, eating better, but I was focused on weight loss. I followed the footsteps of my mum, she had struggled with her weight, joining various slimming clubs, so I followed suit. I know now that focusing of weight loss will only lead to misery and yo-yo dieting. Once I changed to be healthier and fitter both physically and mentally I lost weight and have not regained thanks to what ATN have shown and taught me.You see, jumping from diet to diet, new programme after another will lead you down an emotional dark path.

You have probably started diets because someone you know had lost weight. Only to find you lose a lb or 2lbs and thats it and then start to feel like you are never going to get leaner, slimmer.

This is not your fault.

Remember I said the industry is worth billions? It’s not in the industries best interest for you do their diet once and *boom* you are where you want to be. 80% of people currently at slimming clubs are returning customers. You might be one of these people reading this right now!

Sorry to say, but that slimming diet you think will get you where you want to be, probably won’t! You are being lied to. You can’t fix health, wellness, fitness, strength, emotions with one change.

Losing weight, and more importantly keeping weight off is a result of many small changes. It’s a skill, you have to learn about you, practice, research all the time assessing to find how your body responds and what it takes.

ATN can help you really quickly find out exactly what you need. Consistency is key, but we accept that not everyone can eat chicken and do 10hours of exercise a week, we also accept that sometime your going to want something naughty. Finding consistency is key, making room for the odd trip up is key and finding balance and happiness is key.

don’t waste any more money on weight loss pills, potions are clubs full of broken promises. Wasting money is not even the issue, wasting your time is. You can make more money you can’t make more time- don’t waste your valuable time. Let ATN help you find the best way for you, so you can go onto live a happier, healthier life.