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How many calories should I eat?

The number of calories a person should eat is entirely based on them and can’t simply be ballparked. It depends on your weight, height, activity level, goals and more. Although for many people, knowing how many calories they should be eating a day isn’t of great importance, for those with health and fitness goals it can be the secret to unlocking the results you need.

How many calories should I eat for fat loss?

When your goal is fat loss or to lose weight, you should be in what is called a calorie deficit. This means the number of calories you are naturally using in a day should be higher than that which you are consuming. 

One thing many people do when trying to lose weight is going WAY lower than they need to to see results. Although this might help you in the short term, in the long run, it's unsustainable and can make you miserable. At Absolute, we help you create long-term lifestyle changes and instead prefer our clients are in a slight calorie deficit, eating few enough calories that they will see results but enough that they feel hungry and miserable.

How many calories should I eat for muscle growth?

If you are looking to grow muscle, you’ll need to be in a calorie surplus alongside a training plan. As well as that, you should be keeping track of your macros and eating a high level of protein each day to ensure muscle growth. Although it can be tempting to do what some call a dirty bulk, making sure you are eating a caloric diet made up of healthy and nutritious foods will be best for your long-term results.

How do I know how many calories I’m consuming?

Being able to accurately know how many calories you’re consuming is hard, and even with all of the vigilance in the world, it’s hard to be precise. However, through keeping a food diary and weighing out your food, you can have a pretty good idea of how much you are really consuming. It’s often surprising for many, with calories sneaking in in drinks or in places like oils and sauces, so we also recommend tracking your food and drink to give you a real picture of what you are consuming on a daily basis.

Looking for more advice?

With over 15 years in the health and fitness industry coaching people from all walks of life, we understand how hard it can be to nail down a nutrition plan that works for you and your lifestyle. If you are looking for more help on your journey, whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle or have other goals in mind, we can help. 

As a part of our personal training programmes, you’ll have access to our Fit3D Scanner and Nutrition Planning. The scanner gives us a scientific breakdown of your body composition allowing us to really see where you are currently and make an informed plan based on your body type and goals. And, from that, we will work with you to create a custom nutrition plan that will guarantee results. 

Throughout your time with us, we’ll continue to check in with you and make sure the plan is always working, making and tweaks along the way.