Weight Loss challengers of to a flying start.

Records have been broken on 2 levels. The first Andy hold has smashed the previous record of 16lbs in 4 weeks by achieving 20lbs lost in 3 WEEKS! Right behind him David on 18lbs, Tara on 17lbs, Jackie on 17lbs and Stacey on 16lbs so we have 4 record breakers. But more amazing is there combined weight loss which is 141lbs in 3 weeks thats just over 10 stone!  Everyone of them are in double figures, and all on target to beat the previous record of 16lbs in 4 weeks.

They are a really hard working group proving that with proper advice the right exercise and understanding nutrition makes a massive difference. Our system is effective and designed to help people achieve great results.

weight loss challenge 2011