Why are we still gaining weight? There is more information than ever about dieting and more low fat diets than ever. 

So why do we still have a massive obesity problem? Is Fat Really the problem? In basic terms no. Now I am not saying go and eat loads of fatty foods, its just that fat isn’t the main problem with our nutrition, its sugars.

More and more food products are “low fat” but what they have done is replaced the fat with sugars.  So I thought I would just let you know how much sugar a person who is having a “low fat” diet is having each day:

Breakfast – Museli with dried fruit100g (6tsp), 200ml skimmed milk (2tsp), Orange Juice 250ml (5tsp)

Snack 1 – “Low Fat” Yogurt (2tsp)

Lunch – 3 Ryvita Biscuits (2tsp), ½ cottage cheese (1tsp), 1 Banana (8tsp), Orange Juice 250ml (5tsp)

Snack 2 – 2 “extra light” rich tea biscuits (1tsp)

Dinner – Healthy option sweet chili chicken meal (5tsp)

That is a total of 37 teaspoons of sugar that is 185grams of sugar a day that is a lot of sugar. So I ask the question again why are we still gaining weight?

I will let you decide!