Barnstaple Personal Trainer: Effective weight loss.

At first glance, it seems obvious that effective weight loss simply means being able to meet your target weight loss. But, what about when you reach your target. Is that when weight loss becomes effective? Surely the aim at this point is to maintain weight loss. The answer should be obvious but very few people look that far. Most people are so caught up with trying to meet their target weight loss that sustainability becomes secondary. Effective weight loss is when someone loses weight and is able to keep it of in the long term.

Permanent weight loss comes from losing fat while preserving or building muscle. Quick weight loss is often followed by fast weight gain any weight loss that results from water loss is not sustainable. The body will sooner or later make-up for the water loss. This will result in weight regain.

A diet that causes muscle loss can result by showing weight loss on the scales. But don’t get excited about this muscle loss results in a sluggish metabolism, which means you will regain the weight!

 There are no magic pills or potions effective weight loss can only be achieved through exercise and proper nutrition.  Starving yourself may cause you to lose weight but will not lead to permanent weight loss. Fat needs to be burnt.

 Long-term fat loss should be the most important factor to consider when trying to lose weight. Most people have experienced the lose weight gain weight scenario. What is the point of trying to lose weight only to gain it all back? Permanent fat loss only happens when you correct old habits that resulted in you gaining weight in the first place.

Tips to lose the fat once and for all.

Lose weight slowly after all if it took years to gain it your not going to get rid of it permanently in weeks!

Exercise: not only to lose fat but also to maintain muscle, muscle=metabolism.

Water: a hydrated body will always perform better.

Sleep: get plenty of rest and good sleep, eat well, train harder, and rest the body.

Hire a trainer, look for a trainer who can prove he/she can do what he/she say’s he/she can. See what I mean by going to