Barnstaple Personal trainer. Did you forget about you!

As a Barnstaple personal trainer i’m a very busy person. I really do not take much time for myself. Its funny how sometimes the smallest things can pull you back to earth.

A couple of days ago i was driving to see my mum in Paignton. Its not a long drive but long enough. I was listening to business development CDs (having a personal training business in Barnstaple im always reading about business sad i know) but i was listening but not paying attention. Do you ever do that? I found my self about 10 minutes from my mum’s house thinking how did i get here, i could not remember the drive at all.

I have had a lot on my mind especially with opening our New Studio. My head feels full all the time, and to be honest not sleeping very well. Anyway as i was getting closer to my mum’s my eyes were drawn to a bunch of small children running around the playground of their school. I instantly thought of my son when he was that age, (he is 21 this year). On the playground there was a st johns ambulance on display for the kids to go look at jump all over lol.

I found myself thinking how awesome it was to be that young when a simple things like a ambulance excited you.
As we get older we forget the simple things, life catches up and we lose sight of the simple things.

So this weekend take sometime to remember when things were simple, remember the things that made you smile, the people in your life and those that are no longer. Just stop for a moment. Its important to reconnect with yourself so you don’t find yourself sitting in your car thinking how did i get here!