Barnstaple Personal Trainer:Caffeine Works Faster in Men Than in Women

Everywhere you turn there seems to be new Costa coffee or starbucks more and more of us consume caffeine every day in one form or another. Most people drink coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverages Sometimes as a  pick-me-up to increase alertness But what about for weight loss? Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system which improves wakefulness, alertness, and some types of athletic performance. Some can tolerate more caffeine than others this is dependent on tolerance, body size and gender.


A University study in Spain showed that caffeine has a greater, faster effect in men than women. The scientists measured the short-term (first 30 minutes) and long-term (rest of day) effects of caffeine ingestion in nearly 700 college students. Coffee increased alertness within 45 minutes, but the effects were greater in men than women. Decaffeinated coffee also increased alertness, although the effects were less than regular coffee. In most people, the effects of caffeine last for 2-3hours, but can last as long as 10-12 hours in pregnant women and in people with liver disease.