Article By Matt Nailor

Despite what anyone says there is no doubt that women should lift weights. And it’s not just a question of having a better body; it could change you both inside and out… and for the better.

A Confidence Booster So many women walk into the gym and don’t know where to begin. Not necessarily cause they don’t know what to do but because they’re anxious about what others are doing or watching. Getting into lifting weights can get you over the doubts and give you that confidence to do a great session. It won’t just be in the gym; you’ll feel better about yourself in all walks of life.

Carbs? Who doesn’t want more carbs? That’s not to say that you can go mad but if you want a successful training session you’ve got to be properly fuelled. Many women worry about their carb intake, will it make you gain weight? Well a bit of good news for you, if you are lifting regularly and with a good intensity, you will need those carbs to change your body.

Change the Shape of Your Body… for the Better. So many women go to the gym and spend literally hours doing cardio, but that alone will not change the shape of your body. Lifting weights will give you those curves you’ve always wanted, and make your clothes fit better, YES REALLY!

Burn Those Extra Calories When you finish lifting weights EPOC kicks in (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). So while you’re lifting weights with intensity, you burn both body-fat and calories, meaning that your metabolism is increased and your burn calories all day long, even after you finish your session. The more muscle you have the more fat and calories you burn, FACT.

Stronger Bones Although it may not be a worry right now women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis (a reduction in bone density), resulting in more chance of broken or fractured bones. Lifting weights is a great way to minimize the risk of this happening. Whether it be the cable machine, free-weights or machines, get in the gym and lift weights. You’ll thank me later

Do Something for Yourself Lifting weights is empowering, it’s a sense of achievement, lifting means you have the choice to try things on your own rather than waiting for help.

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